Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Persistence and Perseverance Saved Dottie and Her Boys

Knowing these animals needed safe, permanent homes, the devoted caregivers contacted Farm Sanctuary. Of course, we would help. Over many months and with the help of many people, we secured new homes for several members of the herd, including five connections through our Farm Animal Adoption Network (FAAN). While we’ve completed three transportations (two to the Midwest and one to a home in New York), our longest trip remains ahead of us.

This year, on March 31, we arrived at the boarding facility where the remaining 19 animals were temporarily living to pick up the little sheep family – Dottie, Freckles, and Patches. Though nervous and a little afraid of humans (rightfully), the rescue could not have gone better, as they arrived safely at our Watkins Glen, NY sanctuary later that day. The trio will now spend two weeks in our care before being transported to their new home in Florida.

Thanks to the teamwork between FAAN and the Animals Rights Foundation of Florida, together, we were both able to secure the family a safe, permanent home at a qualified sanctuary where they will live the rest of their lives knowing only peace and kindness.

Unfortunately, Dottie’s and her boys’ story of triumph is the exception rather than the norm for sheep. Despite being capable of feeling complex and deep emotions, hundreds of millions of sheep are abused and slaughtered yearly worldwide for their milk, wool, and meat. The dominant view that these animals are commodities for exploitation leads to unimaginable situations like Dottie’s – where they suffer treatment that no living beings deserve.



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