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Tethering Law in Berkeley, New Jersey

April 27, 2015

This ordinance bans the tethering of unaltered animals. Altered animals may be tethered for no more than four consecutive hours. Additional provisions include prohibiting tethering in extreme temperatures.

  • 9-2.10 Failure to Provide Proper Care; Tethering.

B. Tethering of dogs.

(1) It is unlawful to chain or tether unaltered animals (dogs or cats that are unspayed or unneutered) in any manner and/or at any time within the Township.

(2) Altered animals (dogs or cats that have been spayed or neutered) may be tethered only under the following conditions:

(a) Tethers must allow the animal access to shelter, food and water and can be used only in an area where it will not be tangled around objects.

(b) Tethers must be at least 15 feet long, have a swivel on both ends, weigh no more than 1/8th of the dog’s weight and be attached to a properly fitting collar or harness.

(c) Tethers cannot inhibit the animal’s movement or cause injury, entanglement or strangulation.

(d) The tether must restrain the animal on the owner’s own property.

(e) Animals may be chained or tethered for no more than four consecutive hours, or six hours total hours in any twenty-four-hour period of time and never between sunset and sunrise.

(f) Animals may not be chained or tethered when temperatures exceed 85 degrees or fall below 32 degrees.



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