Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Celebrate Mother’s Day Through the Gift of Sanctuary!

Honey and her adoptive son Lux came to Farm Sanctuary after a farmer’s change of heart. When the owner decided to end their farm operations, the pair’s care needs exceeded what they could provide.

Honey and Lux are Brown Swiss/Jersey crosses – a breed often used for dairy. In the dairy industry, most children are separated from their mother’s at birth, so the mother’s milk can be taken and sold.

When the Farm Sanctuary team arrived at the family farm, the cows were skittish and ran as far from our team as possible. After 32 hours of setting up fencing and patiently waiting for the cows to enter the trailer, the journey to sanctuary began. At first, Lux had a damaged hoof that required extensive treatment. Today, Honey is 23 years old, enjoying her grand retirement with her family and new friends by her side.

These days, Honey and Lux spend their days grooming each other and spending time together – an essential mother-child activity that so many cows are deprived of.



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